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Agel FLX was formulated to take advantage of 4 fantastic ingredients that have all been found to be very beneficial in the maintenance of healthy joints and maximum flexibility. This formulation is a first, not only because it contains all 4 ingredients, but also because it is delivered in a gel suspension, a remarkable innovation by itself.

Minor or temporary joint pain associated with the normal activities of our active lifestyle is increasing around the world. Many are those who suffer needlessly or put themselves in harms way by taking medications that treat the symptoms rather than the problem.

So, what are the answers to this complex problem?

There has been significant research done to identify means of addressing this condition,. As this research has progressed, there have been some rather remarkable discoveries. Researchers have identified some of the key building blocks in our joints and cartilage and have found naturally occurring sources of them in our environment. By studying the effects of incorporating these components into our diets, scientists have found some wonderful results with regard to joint health. They have concluded that by orally ingesting some of these compounds that are important factors in the regeneration and maintenance of healthy joints joint health and function improve. To understand this concept better, consider bones. Bones are rebuilt or strengthened by adding calcium to the boney matrix. As we all know, we need to ingest calcium in our diets in order to build strong bones. Similarly, cartilage is regenerated or stengthened by providing its’ building blocks in our diet.

So, what are these compounds that have been found to be so helpful in maintaining healthy joints? There are four that we will address here: Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane), and Celadrin (a proprietary combination of cetylated fatty acids). These four ingredients have all been found in clinical trials, individually, to improve joint function and health. They have become a mainstay and a very important ally to those who suffer from temporary or minor joint pain associated with normal activities. What’s more, they are fast becoming a mainstay for all adults who want to maintain healthy joints and active lifestyles.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a product available that had all 4 of these ingredients in one formulation? What kind of synergy would be present if all 4 of these natural joint health wonders were able to perform together in a single blend?


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